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CyTech Security is a global leader in cyber security solutions with a core focus on High Net Worth individuals, corporate executives, government officials, celebrities and diplomats.

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Technology Company Executives

High Net Worth Families

Government Officials

Foreign Diplomats

High Profile Celebrities

Law Enforcement Professionals


Creative Professionals

Smart Home Secure is the primary offering of CyTech Security providing comprehensive and bespoke set of solutions for our clients in their homes.
With the proliferation of networked healthcare devices used in patient care, treatments and recovery, CyTech Security offers clients a comprehensive solution to secure all networked healthcare devices and the networks supporting those devices. This service can be performed on short notice upon a clients release from the hospital, rehabilitation or other medical care facilities to assure continuing secure connectivity between critical devices, networks and IT infrastructure.
The Smart Home Secure program is highly flexible to meet the unique needs of each client. Upon completion of the Smart Home Secure program, CyTech Security offers ongoing monitoring and support services to assist clients with upkeep of and compliance with the latest trends in cyber threat monitoring, as well as providing assistance with critical firmware, software and device updates and patches.
  • Mission Objective

    The mission objective of the Smart Home Secure process is to create a digital fortress in a physical home, where all access points, networks, devices and accounts are analyzed for potential threats.

  • CyTech’s Proprietary Systems

    Those threats are mitigated through the use of CyTech’s proprietary systems leveraging a unique combination of hardware, software, analytics and tactics to assure maximum cyber security efficacy for our clients and their loved ones.

  • Protecting Your Information

    Whether protecting your information from the prying eyes of a competitor, activist investors, patent trolls, hackers or cyber criminals, CyTech Security keeps the barriers to breach extremely high, while maintaining maximum flexibility in user experience and accessibility.

  • Identified Breach

    Every identified breach or cyber threat is thoroughly vetted and analyzed by our team of former Cyber Command Special Operations professionals from the top militaries in the world.

By combining our bespoke combination of hardware, software, firmware, monitoring and HumInt, we provide complete visibility and deep insights of company-wide network activity with:
  • Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Monitoring Platform

  • In-Depth Behavioral and Anomalous Activity Monitoring

  • Customized Cybersecurity Detection Rules

  • Ongoing Rule Tuning and False Positive Reduction

  • Detailed Notifications Including Remediation Guidance

  • Integrated Global Threat Intelligence Feeds

  • Automated Notifications, 24x7x365

  • Daily Reviews and Oversight by SOC Analysts

  • Incident Investigation and Compliance Assistance

  • Tier 3 Incident Response Escalation Support

  • Event Log Consolidation and Management

  • Network, Virtualization, and Application Intelligence

  • Configuration Change Management

  • Over 2,500 Pre-Built Compliance and Standards Reports

  • Custom Report Creation and Scheduling

  • Comprehensive Device Support

  • Audit / Exam Support

  • Integrates with EDR solutions for full visibility and real-time threat notifications

Our Services

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    We install your system

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    We run the updates

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    We help monitor your system


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    We respond to attacks

    and help with remote and on-site teams

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    We restore backups

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